The Calm Swaddle

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by Calm Babies | Supportive Baby Swaddles | Designed in Australia

The Best Night’s Sleep for you and your baby! 

  • Light weight and breathable Bamboo/Cotton, with Elastane for stretch to allow for chest expansion.
  • Double zipper that can zip from top or bottom.
  • Promotes Healthy Hip Health.
  • Inside Wrap to stop the startle reflex, helping babies feel cuddled and secure. NO velcro!
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As a mother myself – I understand the struggle of trying to get a good night’s sleep with a newborn. I’ve worked extensively as a mothercraft nurse in three of Melbourne’s leading hospitals and have cared for 1000’s of women and their babies. I developed this wrap to help your baby stay settled longer, feel comforted, and most importantly stay asleep longer.

Wrapping your newborn baby can help settle your baby to sleep and encourages your baby to wake up less often. The comfort provided by the warmth and light pressure of wrapping your baby can mimic the sensation of being in the womb. This can bring a sense of safety and comfort to your child and aid in soothing them.

The Calm Swaddle provides all the benefits of wrapping your child with stretch for a little extra room to move and is warm enough to provide comfort, but light enough to not overheat your baby

Our swaddle is made from breathable Bamboo/Cotton, with Elastane. This beautiful soft material keeps your baby comforted but provides room for breathing, and some movement.

A Calm Swaddle makes the perfect gift for a new baby or an expecting family.

Our swaddle is machine washable, on a cold gentle cycle, and requires no ironing.


The Calm Swaddle Story

How to use the Calm Swaddle
Method 1 – Wrap around body

Method 2 – Wrap around arms

WARNING! Do not use if the child can climb out of the cot;
WARNING! Do not use in combination with other bedding items (eg. cot duvet)

WARNING! Do not use if the child’s head can pass through the neck opening when fastened for use;
WARNING! Ensure that the neck and arm openings are securely fastened;
WARNING! Do not use if the child can climb out of the cot;
WARNING! Do not use in combination with cot duvet or blanket. Take into account the room temperature and the child’s sleepwear. Overheating can endanger the life of your child!
WARNING! Keep away from fire.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 10 cm
Size & Colour

0-3m White, 0-3m Blue, 0-3m Pink, 0-3m Grey, 3-6m White, 3-6m Blue, 3-6m Pink, 3-6m Grey

Size Guide

0-3M: Tog 0.5
To fit: Weight 3-6 kg, Height 68 cm

3-6M: Tog 0.5
To fit: Weight 6-10 kg, Height 76 cm


90% Viscose from Bamboo, 10% elastane

Thermal Guide

Return Policy

Our swaddle comes with a 12-month warranty against defects and faults. You are entitled to a replacement or refund if the swaddle has any fault from manufacture. Calm Babies does not cover any accidental damage, or fair wear and tear.

Please contact if you need to return a product. A return will only be accepted if the customer has contacted Calm Babies prior to sending the item(s) back. Any package returned without a valid Return Authorization issued by Calm Babies clearly marked on the outside of the box, will be refused. You will be responsible for any shipping costs on returns.

Unfortunately – we cannot provide refunds or returns for change of mind or for used swaddles as this poses hygiene issues.


18 reviews for The Calm Swaddle

  1. Alyson

    My little guy was an escape artist and as soon as his hands were out, or close to his mouth, he would wake himself up. The calm swaddle changed that and I would recommend it time and time again!

  2. Carla

    I had Carmel booked in to come and help me with my three month old daughter who would not sleep longer then 20 minutes !! Well let’s just say she never had to come because her swaddle saved us !! I can now shower longer then 5 minutes without my baby watching me. All I can say is AMAZING

  3. Melissa Mitrevski

    This wrap is absolutely amazing! My baby would come out of other branded wraps and woke himself up when using ‘arms up’ sleeping bags. We have now finally found a sleeping bag that is super soft, comfortable and breathable, it also washes extremely well – winning! They are a snug fit but super stretchy and we love the wide bottom so bub can still move his hips and legs. These wraps are thin like a sheet and have two different swaddling options, when bub was smaller he liked to be wrapped, now that he’s 4 months he much prefers the option of wrapping his arms only. You won’t find a sleeping like these 2 in 1! I have also gotten friends onto them and they love it!

  4. Rebekka

    This is honestly the best wrap! Changed our lives! Bub sleeps so well in her wrap and doesn’t wake from sneaky hands creeping through!

  5. Mya

    I’m quite an avid swaddled and all my children have been Houdini’s and my third was so different. I used a Velcro one which was great but woke baby every time we undid it at night.
    My friend suggested this swaddle and we haven’t looked back. She’s never broken free of it and it is stretchy so allows some room to move. I’m actually terrified of when she rolls and having to stop using it haha

    Highly recommend this product for mums who wants to some extra sleep! Who doesn’t right?

    Amazing !!

  6. Phoebe

    I highly recommend the Calm Swaddle for anyone looking to keep bub comfortable and secure. Before this swaddle I was getting up hourly to reswaddle my bub who kept escaping the transitional swaddle. This swaddle has saved our sleep!

  7. Luisa

    My daughters favourite way to sleep. She only sleeps in her calm swaddle, we can no longer use other products.. I have had to purchase an additional sleeping bag so my daughter could sleep in it whilst the other one is being washed. How can you not trust a sleeping bag from a sleep specialist? Truly amaizng. A product you must purchase.

  8. Andrea

    What an absolute life saver this is! My baby escaped swaddles all the time and this has saved my sanity.. I had another brand that had velcro was horribly loud at night when changing the baby and it also picked up lots of fluff and mess. This holds baby in nice and snugg and is silent when changing baby during night feeds. Absolute love!!

  9. Aggie

    Such a clever design, keeps those little arms tucked in and both my newborn nieces are sleeping sooo much better since being swaddled in these!! I wish they were available for my son when he was a newborn- they would have been a lifesaver! I highly recommend and Carmel is a superstar for designing these swaddles that actually keep your bub snuggled and wrapped all through the night!

  10. Nick

    This has been the best investment ever for my baby’s sleep!
    We have spent hundreds of dollars on other brands and products and it doesn’t work when comes to sleeping bags.
    What we loved the most is the inserts, as we can use as extra layer of blanket or to secure our girls arm so they felt safe when sleeping!
    We absolutely love it! Can’t wait for more styles to come!

  11. Jon

    I bought this for my sister and it was such a good present! She used it everyday with her baby and said it was designed so well!
    A present that does not disappoint, would recommend to all mums ?

  12. Kate

    Love the calmbabies swaddle! It is a light weight material that wraps your baby so they’re cozy and snug. It also keeps his little arms down so his sleep isn’t interrupted. The neck hole isn’t too wide and the double zip is great so I can change his nappy without fully disturbing him. My bubba is a great sleeper and it’s all because of Carmel’s amazing sleeping techniques and her attention to detail with her perfectly designed products. Many thanks!!

  13. zortilonrel

    I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post…

  14. Angela-Raye Nielsen

    These wraps are amazing! My little boy was just not sleeping well at all before we got these. Waking himself up 5 to 6 times a night. Since getting these – he’s been sleeping through the night!! (Still occasionally wakes once for a change or a bottle) But nowhere near the amount he used to. Would recommend the calmswaddle to anybody with a newborn!

  15. Ruth Cotton

    Unicorn product alert!!
    To say this swaddle is a life saver (or at least sanity saver) is such an understatement. Carmel has put the same care and consideration into it as she has with her sleep training – which is saying a lot!
    We were finding no swaddles strong enough to keep our bubba comfortable and sleeping through the night until Carmel, calm babies, and her incredible swaddles came along. If nothing has worked for you – this will!

  16. Melissa Reiter

    Game changer! So easy to use even hubby can do it! Great quality product and clearly a well thought out design.

  17. Jessi abass

    I have been swaddling ALL wrong!
    My baby girl would get out of every single swaddle and escape with her startle reflex kicking in! I would wake to hearing her rub her face as her hands would get up to her face overnight and for her naps! This swaddle is the only one she can’t escape from with the material going under her arms and is weighted by her back! It’s amazing! I am so so happy my girl can sleep for longer naps and isn’t able to escape anymore!
    Thank goodness for this swaddle! I’m telling everyone about it!

  18. Tara Johnston

    We LOVE this swaddle. Since we started using, our twin girls have slept through the entire night! They no longer break out of the wraps, or wiggle around the entire cot, and it seems to calm them almost instantly. We have incorporated as a part of our bed time ritual, and I’m nervous for the day we have to stop using them! Highly recommend to any new mum.

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