My now 13-week old daughter and I were on the 7pm Project. It was a shame that they only showed a little piece of what went on when I had Calm Babies help with my daughter’s sleep habits.

“But to have Carmel by my side, to show me how to put it all together and to tailor a routine that worked for me and my baby was priceless.”


Aiden suffered from colic and silent reflux for the first 3 months and needless to say this was difficult to deal with. 

Calling Carmel was the best thing we have done for Aiden and for ourselves and I would have loved to have done it sooner”


Lucas went from taking up to 2 hours to be cuddled to sleep to sleeping on his own and Darcy has gone from cat napping in my arms to having 2 hour sleeps in his cot

” I have learnt soooo much from Carmel from help with breastfeeding to sleep settling strategies for both babies and toddlers”


At the time my little angel Zoe was 7 weeks of age feeding 6 times a day, hated her bath, slept little through the day and very unsettled between 4-6pm

“Carmel has a unique gift – she is knowledgeable, professional and has a reassuring and compassionate persona. She listened with intent and gave me simple advice on what suited our family”


Zach was waking during the night very unsettled and restless.After 3 weeks of using carmel’s routine zach is now sleeping 7 – 7 at night and 2 great day sleeps.

“I was so happy with the service we received, there was plenty of contact and if I ever had any questions Carmel was only a phone call away.”

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