How can you help me over the phone ?

All babies are different therefore a routine must be tailored to suit your babies’ individual needs. We achieve this by guiding you over the phone (for as long it takes,) and providing you with strategies, as you settle your baby to sleep. We also assist you with establishing a routine that suits your baby and family life. We can do this by phone, Face Time or Skype, no matter where you live. We have helped parents in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Germany and Dubai. 

What are the benefits of a feed, play, sleep routine ?

When babies are in a good routine they tend to:

– feed well and be less fussy

– stay content and happy during play time

– self settle to sleep more easily and not wake after short naps

 How much sleep does my baby need?

As a guide only, babies total sleep time required over a 24-hour period is:

• Newborn .16-17 hours

• 1-6 months 15-16 hours

• 6-12 months 14 hours

• 1-2 years 13-14 hours

 What are Calm Babies business hours?

Calm Babies operates 7 days a week including public holidays.

We aim to provide a service that is personal, flexible and helpful.

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